Data Downloads

Please register in order to download data. Files include spreadsheets for harmonized global concentrations and radiative forcings, and harmonized regional emissions. Spatial emissions are provided as separate files in net-cdf format.

CMIP5 recommended data is provided in a separate download section further below (available upon registration). The CMIP5 data includes:
1) historical atmospheric concentrations as well as concentrations for the RCPs (2005-2100) and their extension to 2300 (ECPs). In total, atmospheric concentration of the following gases are provided: CO2, CH4, N2O, all flourinated gases controlled under the Kyoto Protocol (HFCs, PFCs, and SF6), and ozone depleting substances controlled under the Montreal Protocol ( CFCs, HCFCs, Halons, CCl4, CH3Br, CH3Cl).
2) historical emissions data (1850 - 2000) as well as emissions for the RCPs (2000-2100). In total emissions of the following gases are provided: CH4, SO2, NOx, CO, NH3, as well as of BC, OC and VOC. Other additional species such as C2H4O (acetaldehyde), C2H5OH (ethanol), C2H6S (dimethyl sulphide), C3H6O (acetone), etc. are available only for historical biomass burning emissions (see below).
3) historical aerosols data (1850 - 2000) on the following species: sulfate (SO4), ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), hydrophobic black carbon (CB1), hydrophilic black carbon (CB2), hydrophobic organic carbon (CB1), hydrophilic organic carbon (CB2), secondary organic aerosols (SOA), dust (DST01-04, small to large sizes)) and sea-salt SSLT01-04). In addition, temperature (T) and surface pressure (PS) is provided to enable unit conversion (all aerosol are in kg/kg, dry mass).
4) historical and RCP land-use projections and associated land-use transitions.

Bulk Data Downloads (per RCP):

(These files do not include CMIP5 recommended data. Please look further below for CMIP5 data.)